” Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.
There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise,
Be the VOICE not the ECHO ”

                    A girl is the key to social transformation. So uplifting women leads to the empowerment of the whole society, which later leads to more economic benefits not only to individuals but to the society as well .It gives equal status to both men and women which creates a friction less environment in the society.
ADFEE offers essential training which helps a woman to transform totally by thought, conviction & action. We inspire them to start a new way of life to build a healthier, educated, empowered, peaceful, and prosperous society. We develop Proactive change among our woman participants to promote their economic and social empowerment. This will help them to enjoy and experience their rights by improving social, economic, political,  legal strength and ensure equality

                        ADFEE offers quality training which address the unique challenges woman face in their day to day life. The effective use of knowledge, skills and techniques are essential for the survival and advancement of an individual woman to be successful in their personal, professional and social life. We support govt. organizations, NGO’s, business groups, entrepreneurs, startup groups, tribal projects, Women rehabilitation projects etc.
For further information contact the coordinator at . Also you can contact us :MOB. +91 8129 080 560

Love & Respect
Anitha Dileep