“Build your today differently.
The more reasons you have for achieving your goals,
the more determined you will become.”

                       Today’s youth are living with cyber explosion of technological advances especially in the area of Internet, mobile applications, and multi-player gaming. This increases the need for proper supervision and mentoring as they may be overloaded with informations. Young mind is being considered as the most productive members of the society,due to their physcical and intellectual capabilities .In real scenario most of them are unable to utilize their potential in an appropriate way due to lack of guidance and motivation. This great challenge requires immediate and effective response from a socially responsible system of education . Training the absolutes of right and wrong by practicing a self-disciplined life and insisting on personal responsibility is really required to tackle the global challenges. Hence its mandatory to perform the role of a family, school and society in molding and empowering the future generation.

                   ADFEE offer various training program which helps the students and youth to overcome Problems they face physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. We address a holistic support and guidance to individuals, groups, their families and institutions. Our specially designed training programs during the academic year, and THE SUMMER TUNING on summer vacations provide complete solution to academic and various psycho social issues they face . Internationally acclaimed trainers handling the sessions.
For further information contact the coordinator at . Also you can contact us :MOB. +91 8129 080 560

Love & Respect
Anitha Dileep