STRENGTH doesn’t come from what you can do.
It comes from OVERCOMING the things
You once thought you couldn’t.

              Improving the knowledge of teachers has become a critical step for transforming the educational system. Too often teachers’ personal learning and professional development is isolated from their practice. ADFEE helps in building a new teaching and learning culture among professional communities like teachers, principals and administrative staff who work seamlessly to bring out the best in a student. Our Teacher Training program provide a range of skills which helps the participants to handle expert tasks in the field of education and teaching which equip the students to be future ready to face the global challenges. ADFEE always proud of providing quality training in India and abroad.

        Our faculties and social work units have developed wide international networks through Collaborative projects. We provide internationally accredited trainers to the institutions to administer various training programs according to the SWOT analysis and Institutional requirements. Which indurate the capabilities of participants in a holistic manner. We promise our program helps in building a high performance team and strengthen the community of students, teachers, families, and decision makers.

ADFEE offers quality training and management consultation in various curriculums including CBSE, ICSE, STATE SYLLABUS, IGCSE, CAMBRIDGE and IB.
We address for the following needs
Teacher Training
Curriculum Design
Student Development Programs
School leadership Management
Training Parent Community
Total Quality Management in Education
For further information contact the coordinator at . Also you can contact us :MOB. +91 8129 080 560

Love & Respect
Anitha Dileep