“Everyone may not be THE BEST  in everything. But
There is something GREAT in everyone.
Never keep a fixed image for anyone.”

              As we all know school counsellors serve a vital role in maximizing student success through leadership, advocacy and collaboration which help students in academic achievement, career, social and emotional development. Equitable access to opportunities and maintaining total quality in teaching and learning process must be ensured by school counsellors. ADFEE promote the development of effective school counselling program and helping counsellors to understand their role and functions in addressing the needs of all students through culturally relevant prevention and intervention programs.

                            We support Counsellors in developing skills and methods that support teachers and parents to determine the right course of action for various behavioral and academic issues faced by the students. We provide year-plan of departmental activities which effectively support teachers and parents in delivering their responsibilities and also focus on students holistic out come by developing their competencies .In connection with our training programs on comprehensive school counselling we develop professional counsellors who promotes student’s success. Internationally certified Counsellors are handling various sessions .
For further information contact the coordinator at . Also you can contact us :MOB. +91 8129 080 560

Love & Respect
Anitha Dileep