The Anitha Dileep foundation for Education and Empowerment (ADFEE) incorporated in the year 2016 and  after 3 years of  remarkable services ranging from Corporate Training to  empowerment of the underprivileged we moved to next level. In 2019  the second phase of our  organization   we formed a public charitable trust a nonprofit  organization wiz  STEP UP INTERNATIONAL TRUST ( to execute the  following  services :

  • Orientation Service
  • Individual Inventory Service
  • Information Service
  • Counselling Service
  • Mentoring Service
  • Skill Enhancement Service
  • Referral Service
  • Remedial Service
  • Follow-Up Service
  • Research Service
  • Evaluation Service

Based on vision and mission of our organization we designed a program for  COMMUNITY UPLIFTMENT. This program deals  activities in major 12 domains   . Our  strategies that help citizens recognize and contribute in their educational,cultural , familial,  political, financial environments and social well-being leading thus enabling individuals to fully integrate into  society. Along with community upliftment activities we  focus into  educational and entrepreneurship sector . We designed  target oriented programs for Educational Institutions for the welfare and development of the students , youth and faculties.

Our entrepreneurship education among youth is a different program that we blend with proper guidance, mentoring, experiential learning and instructional(theory) is seen as a leading force adept of producing result-driven socio-economic changes through developing entrepreneurial, original, adaptable, and wizened individuals.

We support people in realizing their unlimited power   within so they will be capable to create a life of their choice.

We have a group of efficient trainers, mentors and volunteers who support the people in creating a compelling future powered by self-motivation . We support people in empowering their  mind  and aligning  their strengths to  discover their true purpose,  They experience personal independence and financial freedom by transforming into a positive life.
Many people are experiencing Social exclusion. Individuals are excluded from socially valued resources as a consequence of discrimination.  Age, gender, class, race ethnicity It is multi dimensional many are facing  Social dis advantage and  unequal access to things  such as education, health care, employment and housing etc. We focus on inclusive development through community upliftment activities  in empowering Orphans, Disabled, Transgenders, Prisoners ,Tribals , Dalit, Muslims, women, children and their family members who need support and inspiration. Our caring volunteers provide them proper vision and inspiration towards a happier and deeply satisfying way of life.

If you wish to make a bigger impact with your life you also can join us and help people live a better life towards their dream. Step up International Trust is a registered public charitable trust founded by Anitha Indira Bai. This charitable organization raises funds from around the world and donates them to the upliftment of  under privileged  socially excluded above said group of people .

Board of Directors

  • Anitha Indira Bai
  • Dileep Kumar
  • Saraswathyamma
  • Vinay Menon
  • Mohan Kumar

Our Team

  • Training-   Hemapalan .P
  • National,International HR-  Franco Alappattu
  • Program Coordinator – Shyla Haris
  • Program steering –  Joshwa Ronald
  • Funding-Johnson Fernandez
  • Finance Coordinator – KVR
  • Performance digital system management – Rajesh, Anand
  • Marketting Coordinator – Anoop Warrier
  • Govt.Accounts – Mr. Sukumaran
  • Legal Scholar – Adv. Jenny soosan
  • Project Governance – Anitha Indira Bai