The social stigma of being an Entrepreneur still runs rife amongst most Indian families, most of our society prefers the security of a job, preferably a very secure government job. Security is much coveted and our dreams, aspirations, innovations, creations, gifts, talents, and many ambitions are all put in the bin to satiate the desire for a stable, regular income workplace.

In our STEP UP INTERNATIONAL , we have explored some of the unique challenges facing young entrepreneurs who continue to battle extraordinary discrimination over and above the existing challenges of running a startup.

Many well-meaning projects have emphasized the tremendous benefit society can help on society if Young Entrepreneurs are taught in the right manner with solid examples from top-level entrepreneurs, these successful doyens can guide individuals to enable them have a clear vision of what are the pitfalls that can be avoided and the well-beaten path to success. Our programs feature many of the Industry leaders from manufacturing, film, services, digital, and so many other industries to mention here. It is a sustained approach to ensure maximum mishaps are avoided and the life of a young entrepreneur is not cut short before it can blossom properly. Should we want a brighter future for our next level of leaders, we have to encourage and urge entrepreneurship in our curriculum from an early age.

Training young  entrepreneur is  crucial . How  Young Entrepreneur is natured to lead an inspired life? Simple! Let training in the sector be paramount. Training should orbit on “Personal Initiative” to build an entrepreneurial mindset by gaining  industry insights.Results have shown in the past that entrepreneurs who have structured training are far more successful than individuals who decided to start a business with little knowledge and requisite skills. That’s why we focus entrepreneurship training right away from Sr.Secondary  school to  college level youth. Because we want to support all young business aspirants to passionately chase their dreams .Training ensure they learn how sales growth can be sustainable, profits are substantial and most importantly, all trained young  entrepreneurs have defined goals that has to be attained in a specific time-frame.

Traditional training methods have shifted toward a mentoring approach. Traditional training is more instructional intrinsically, but with a mentoring approach, we can ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, thus making it easier to guide them with the TRUST factor. This approach requires an analytical methodology to garner more information than can be taught in theory-based business administration/entrepreneurship class.

Teaching entrepreneurship

Most successful entrepreneurs are “DOERS”! Highly motivated, performance-orientated individuals who believe in themselves and of course have the notable ability to get a supportive team behind their ideas are few of the traits we have all come to expect from the founders of mammoth organizations such as LULU Group.There are many living examples who motivates our participants.

“Entrepreneurship education has to be a blend of proper guidance, mentoring, experiential learning and instructional(theory) is seen as a leading force adept of producing result-driven socio-economic changes through developing entrepreneurial, original, adaptable, and wizened individuals.

Undeniably, entrepreneurs have contributed so much to our universe, both academic and economic. At our organization we have had the honor of interviewing several successful entrepreneurs over many years and will bring all their knowledge right to your doorstep. An interesting fact is that most of them defined a fascinating wish to resolve a societal issue and/or pursue an opportunity that would leave a legacy on society.

We want to help you build Legacies, Our Programs help you build a strong network of connections to construct a solid foundation in your desire to be a Successful Entrepreneur.