About Step Up International Trust

           We are deeply passionate about creating a huge impact in the lives of under privileged people , Women, Children and Youth around the world. CEO is a former School Principal, who quit her job and completely focused in training and development of people and Organisations .
           The Anitha Dileep foundation for Education and Empowerment (ADFEE) , provide remarkable services ranging from Corporate Training to the empowerment of the underprivileged.We have also designed  target oriented programs for Educational Institutions for the welfare and development of the students and faculties.In connection with our CSR activities we are committed in Fostering”  ONE LAKH  YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS” through our mentoring and training program.  All our services can be categorised into

  • Orientation Service
  • Individual Inventory Service
  •  Information Service
  •  Counselling Service
  •  Mentoring Service
  •   Leadership Skill Enhancement Service
  •   Referral Service
  •   Remedial Service
  •   Follow-Up Service
  •   Research Service
  •   Evaluation Service

We support people in realising their unlimited power  within so they will be capable to create a life of their choice.

            We have a group of efficient trainers, mentors and volunteers who support the people in creating a compelling future powered by self-motivation and addressing their immediate needs. We support people in discovering their true purpose, empowering mind, aligning strengths to enhance success ,personal independence , experiencing financial freedom and transform life positively to achieve their goals.
           We provide keen attention in empowering Orphans, disabled, prisoners and their family members who need support and inspiration. Our caring volunteers provide them proper vision and inspiration towards a happier and deeply satisfying way of life. If you wish to make a bigger impact with your life you also can join us and help people live a better life towards their dream. There are countless ways your generosity and ADFEE can make a difference by helping those in need. Together we can work towards the mission of this organization that is helping people to live a quality life through various empowering procedures.

Love & Regards

S . Dileep Kumar 
 Managing Director
To  transform communities through  inspiring and empowering  people  locally,nationally and globally.
Empowering individuals and organisations to create  a significant difference in the quality of life of people across the globe by  tapping human potentials through  training & development programs.

Our Customers Say

The way we experience the world
Around us ….Is a direct reflection of the world within us.

"Last few years I m facing lots of tension and business frustrations. But after first meeting with madame I have started uplifting from frustration and business issues and day by day the situation is turning. "
"I am feeling very energetic and rejuvenated.There's a lot of change in personality,physically-feeling good,mentally-peace & emotionally self-confident."
"The Mind Mastery workshop by Anitha Madam is mind-blowing. The hours I spent there is unforgettable. This workshop is a turning point in my life."
"Interactive nature, great examples which covered a good variety of situations."
"Excellent collection of material and presentation with good real-life examples.Training session helped me how to focus on my goals."
"The instructor was absolutely excellent, as was the course content. Training session helped me to understand the purpose of my life"