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  I am very much delighted to be a part of  a great vision that  Indian Education system is  focused in developing entrepreneurship skills among college
students. Govt.of Kerala strongly  support this movement  in Kerala Campuses  . Along with curricular objectives we need to give emphasis on skill development of students. We can follow various strategies in developing skills.Formation of ED CLUB  in  college campus is an ideal platform for empowerment and a gateway to
successful Entrepreneurship.
             An entrepreneur should be a good leader as well as a good administrator who is capable of inspiring his team. With average effort no one can achieve anything extraordinary . To lead an extraordinary life you need to take extraordinary efforts .In Kerala we have many legendary leaders who have become great entrepreneurs including Yosaf Ali M.A , Dr. Ravi Pillai, PNC Menon, C.P.Krishnan Nair, Joy Alukkas , Kochouseph Chittilappilly , K.M. Mammen Mappillai , George Alexander Muthoot to name few.
                          We have to learn from legends . Leading and building a high performance team and becoming successful depends on various factors . Skill competency of an individual really matters Life skills & Soft skills play a vital role for professional growth and success .You are living in a most competitive world .You need to practice and excel various skills including your interpersonal skills,    intrapersonal  skills, communication skills,
corporate skills, Life Skills & employability skills etc .
                       ED Clubs can organize various activities which fulfill  core functions and objectives of the club .Students participate in various activities including formation of startup and involving in various task help you learn basics of entrepreneurship. You can assess
your business skills by evaluating your PASSION and TRAITS . Activities that stimulate learning and develop creative thinking involves various stages that help students to understand what is “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” . It is the ability to create and build from practically nothing. It is initiating, doing, achieving and
building an organization .Moreover it is knack of sensing an  opportunity.
              ED Club’s can design a year plan which Include club activities like Industrial visits, Business Awareness classes, Practical sessions on Skill Development Training, Interaction with entrepreneurs, intercollegiate exhibitions to present startup ideas, Organizing international Business Workshops & Organizing Business  Awards in college level startup initiatives.
             All the above activities develop entrepreneurial spirits and skills
like Organizing and Planning , Formation of your Organization, Setting Goals,Attaining Goals
Formation of startup,  Managing time
commitments, Working on schedules ,Handling Money,
Determining Budgets, Raising Funds, Critical Thinking & Collaboration, Keeping Financial Records , Selling Ideas ,Marketing Products , Building Teams ,Handling Complaints , Conflict Resolutions, Decision
Making , problem solving, Ability to take Calculated Risk, Willingness to work hard even if financial rewards not up to your expectations, Being Self Disciplined , Designing strategies, Self-study and research to improve your business plans, Establishing high standards of performance and raising them once they are met, Willingness to lead and to work alone, Identifying opportunities etc. are core key skills.
             Organizations can Practice their corporate social
responsibilities through initiating Entrepreneurship among Youth  .Which will be an another opportunity in developing future entrepreneurs , Community Education, Employment and wise distribution  of charitable contributions .
  At this juncture I proudly inform you that my organization is committed in
developing One Lakh future entrepreneurs from Indian
campus. We developed a program called “ DESIGN YOUR
students  attended the program at various campus across the Kerala. Extending our sincere support  for developing  entrepreneurial skills  . I wish all ED Club members  and faculty coordinators from various colleges  all the very best.And  move forward in creating Billionaire Minds who have promising future in changing economic environment in the International business.
Love and respect
Anitha Indira Bai

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