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“Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve,
Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle,
It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment………..
                                                                                              Thomas Carlyle”

Achieving great things in your chosen area results in improved self-esteem and confidence in your abilities. If we look at high achievers around you no matter which field they excel in, they tend to have some traits in common.
Pursuing HIGHER ACHIEVEMENT   is indeed based on the  efficiency of practicing those TRAITS in our day today life. Generally   these traits can be nurtured. Everyone is born with a modicum of talent. But   converting the   talent into passion and to excel at it requires careful development of these essential Traits.
Now let’s roll on those important TRAITS which can be  helpful in elevating   your performance towards a high achiever…………

 PASSION: A person reaches truly great heights only when he is inspired .Where there is  passion, you pour your heart into your work. Passion gives you direction and purpose  . Also your passion leads you to be more Creative and Innovative. Whenever you face difficulties, Passion helps you to work hard and to try another approach and results in alternative solutions. Passion helps you to maintain perseverance.
    PURPOSE AND VISION:High achievers will be able to identify the purpose of their life. And they know the reason behind the purpose and they further connect their actions with the purpose that will drive   towards their unique vision. When you have a clear purpose, you know  where to spend your energy.
    HONOURED PRINCIPLES: High achievers value their principles which are deeply rooted .Their beliefs, values, and their convictions guide them to do what is right, not what is easy. Honour your principles and keep them on point to stay steady and ready for great undertakings.
    DRIVE AND HUNGER TO SUCCEED: Go- getters don’t just wait for an opportunity to come to them. They actively seek out and create opportunities to excel. They are intrinsically motivated.
    PERSISTENCE AND RESILIENCE: High achievers never give up and failures never dispirit them it just make them redouble their efforts. They seek feedback for further improvement. They reset their strategies and move forward to achieve their targets.
       HARD WORK, DETERMINATION and GRIT: Talent and skills are basic requirements to begin great things and needs to be promoted by hard work and determination. High achievers are goal-oriented, and they follow their goals with courage. They persistently  challenge themselves because they don’t depend on luck.
    FOCUS: High achievers starve distractions to feed their focus.They are able  to delay gratifying their impulses in the short term  in order to pursue long term goals.
    STAY POSITIVE: High achievers have the will to succeed .Their positive actions combined with positive thinking results in success. They focus on positive possibilities so they will be emotionally secure .Failures never inhibit or stop them.
    SELF CONFIDENCE:High achievers have faith in their abilities and they have reasonable confidence in their own power.That is the primary requisite for greater achievements.
    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: High achievers are multitaskers. They have proper control over their emotions under any circumstances. They will be able to cope up with stress and they perform well, under competitive stressful conditions.

 High achievements always takes place in the frame work of   high expectations. Your traits and attributes shape you more than anything else. I hope  the  above points will  enable you to review your practices and help you to rise as an elite performer. I wish  in future you superbly focus your attention  to elevate yourself to be a high achiever because spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparations…….

Love & Respect

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